Dark Stripe Media Shoot BTS

Here are some behind the scenes photos from my shoot with Dark Stripe Media. The location was incredible. It was an abandoned train yard in downtown Atlanta. I’ll post photos from the shoot as soon as I get them. Enjoy!

 photo a575ac70-162c-4db7-94f5-5fad462f390a_zps32e8a60f.png

 photo 7171CA21-C6D7-486A-B42B-64E4AD778A7B_zpss3imjfk2.jpg
 photo 71939B80-8BF0-4660-A8B8-10F3B980F979_zpsupkjpxgn.jpg
 photo 5FFE9AF5-3FB6-4944-9C17-D48CADFCBCA2_zps3isziamq.jpg
 photo 7E9D29EE-86F8-456F-B921-192EFB10BE71_zpsinuc0pp9.png
 photo E51D2189-2243-4B8D-A547-81569422EE00_zps21yvbtyw.jpg

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