My Shoot with Christina Kelley

Thursday I met up with the fab Christina Kelly to shoot in Atlanta. We shot in 3 different locations and enjoyed the beautiful weather. More Photos to come…

 photo a575ac70-162c-4db7-94f5-5fad462f390a_zps32e8a60f.png

 photo 3BE7131A-F402-453C-996D-905606762F4D_zpsdbee3xm8.jpg
 photo D17F2DDE-3537-405B-BD6F-EDF254BEDDF5_zpsgh8zrvai.jpg
 photo 75E5602B-9885-42D3-87E5-8B31096F1AEC_zpszureh6ub.jpg
 photo 91028E1C-E94F-4701-8E21-2EC6DA2DF726_zpsvp79fsle.jpg

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