My Shoot with Dark Stripe Media

You probably saw my post a few weeks ago with my behind the scenes photos from my shoot with Dark Stripe Media. As promised, here are some more.

 photo a575ac70-162c-4db7-94f5-5fad462f390a_zps32e8a60f.png

 photo E51D2189-2243-4B8D-A547-81569422EE00_zpsc2614767.jpg
 photo 1533906_269070046577616_1006753368_n_zpseffe1650.jpg
 photo 1512433_268813116603309_981447530_n_zps04513ac6.jpg
 photo 282912_266139693537318_119566844_n_zpsf08bf4ac.jpg
 photo 7b2a40c1-5a7e-4b1c-8466-9fa3b15a8c17_zps225a50ea.jpg
 photo 1482805_267489753402312_338857942_n_zps73fb03d7.jpg
 photo 562015_267462476738373_1881522996_n_zpsbdc98a20.jpg
 photo 1518116_267883773362910_2078206659_n_zps19eab074.jpg
 photo 1013366_270829793068308_157972852_n_zpsa68f5d76.jpg
 photo A34A5CE3-CFC6-4841-850D-C2CC450CE922_zpshnldsgcb.jpg
 photo 1533859_271528272998460_1099998025_n_zps4d20a86b.jpg
 photo 2894f261-7eee-4af4-8f45-3fb1346f9c49_zpsc9f1c4a4.jpg
 photo 1503256_270937116390909_1368556482_n_zpseb4fbce9.jpg


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