Artist Spotlight: Madeline Chief

Hey everyone! Hope your all doing well. I got a really great response from all of you about the Artist Spotlight post so I am going to continue on with it! Madeline Chief is talented and original. She truly brings something delightful and soulful to the table. You can tell in her voice she truly enjoys every second of her music. Take a listen! I absolutely love supporting talent so if you think you have what it takes shoot me an email at


 photo a575ac70-162c-4db7-94f5-5fad462f390a_zps32e8a60f.png


Name: Madeline Chief

Bio:Madeline Chief is an alternative acoustic singer/songwriter hailing from Philadelphia, Mississippi. She has lived in every corner of the USA and has sang her heart out from a very small age. Teaching herself to play guitar, she started writing her own music and soon was confident enough to take it on stage. On a twist of fate, she moved closer to Music City in pursuit of happiness and to sedate her taste for travel and adventure. Through her travels, she was inspired to write the songs on her upcoming album From The Green Couch. Her Album drops in July of this year! With her warm smile and magnetic personality, she burst through the music scene with the sneak peaks of her album: Kansas City, PA, MS, and Metamorphosis. Don’t forget to show your support and follow and like her pages!

So tell us whats new with your music? Just staying busy and living life. Please vote for me to be accepted for the Unsigned Tour. It’s a really great opportunity for Singers, Models, Rappers & Bands and I’m super excited to be apart of it!
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Do you have any advice for other upcoming artist?No matter what anyone says or what setbacks you may encounter, put your whole heart into what you envision. Don’t forget, local artists are your best allies.

Biggest Inspiration? My biggest inspiration has come from my closest friends Marlon Price, Jessica Hunt, Rayven Bruzzese, and Patrick Hamely.

Instagram: @misschief_


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