Birthday Wish List!

June 17th is next week! I will be 19 years old. I’m surprisingly not very excited, I wish I could stay 18 forever. But since I am starting a new chapter of my life, I am making new goals for myself. I am dedicating the next year of my life to happiness. I hope I can redefine myself, sharpen my skills, and remain youthful. Thanks everyone for joining me on my crazy journey. Below is my dream birthday wish list-take a look!

God Bless!


 photo 4c3a497e0711aead6cd75a326299cb6f_zps2d289f54.jpg

 photo 63eac5e3411f4f871f465a74c63c844f_zps95e75dd4.jpg
Turquoise Iphone 5 cover

 photo e8e5cca5e9c7d22c9f6a501536aa9442_zps7c79c5f9.jpg
Bathtub Caddy

 photo 183a04b9f209710f5c626a9fdc13d741_zps89954534.jpg
Yoga Mat

 photo bfb2010cd6081dfd7e8d1cb0223b14aa_zps59c7e78b.jpg
Beach Towel

 photo ed9bbb230a637d5fe7ee4f8150981b68_zps96b5cfda.jpg

 photo f3f095b5742cf2a32363ade851d2aac2_zpsab6badaf.jpg

 photo c55f5008475cef46236be7d1c5a4aa7e_zpsf0883eb5.jpg
Hermes Tray

 photo 9a427cd0a6e5e3cdba2c7e3a0668f2da_zps666f2212.jpg

Kate Moss Jacket