Swain Productions, LLC

 photo 481f491f-a9c6-4f91-9179-e0e89b2064cf_zpsb4fb20d2.jpg

Swain Productions, LLC is here to help you reach your full potential as a recording artist. I started this business to help artist like myself make it to the top WITHOUT a major record label. Work one on one with my team and I to set yourself up for success. Pick from packages that support your needs and we do the rest!

Basic Package: We get you started with a well rounded social media impact. Make sure you get seen by the right kind of people and make sure it is easy for your fans to find you. This also includes distribution of your music.

Premium Package: This is the best deal a recording artist could possibly ask for. With this package you get: Website, Album Cover, Distribution, and Mixing/Mastering of your recording. Work hand in hand with our graphic designers, audio engineers, web designers, and distribution team to accomplish the things you can’t quite do on your own and get the best price by working with a team of people who work for YOU.


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