Photoshoot with Jose Luis

This past week I was in Dallas shooting with the amazing Jose Luis. We shot for 2 days and shot 7 different looks. It was a great time and I'm planning another trip very soon.   Xoxo       … Continue reading

50 Reasons to Exercise

Time to get off the couch! Here are 50 GOOD reasons to exercise!!!


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1) Lifts your mood
2)Improves learning ability
3) Builds self esteem
4) Keeps your brain fit
5) Keeps your body fit and able
6) Boosts mental health
7) Boosts immune systemt
8) Reduces stress
9) Makes you happier
10) Has anti-aging effects
11) Improves skin tone
12) Improves sleeping patterns
13) Helps prevents strokes
14) Improves joint function
15) Improves muscle strength
16) Helps calm anxiety
17) Sharpens memory
18) Helps control addictions
19) Boosts productivity
20) Boosts creative thinking
21) Improves body image
22) Gives you confidence
23) Helps you keep focus in life
24) Improves eating habits
25) Increases longevity
26) Strengthens your bones
27) Strengthens your heart
28) Improves posture
29) Prevents colds
30) Improves appetite
31) Improves cholesterol levels
32) Lower risks of (certain) cancers
33) Lowers high blood pressure
34) Lowers risks of diabetes
35) Fights dementia
36) Eases back pain
37) Decreases osteoporosis risk
38) Reduces feelings of depression
39) Prevents muscle loss
40) Increases energy and endurance
41) Increases sport performance
42) Increases pain resistance
43) Improves balance and coordination
44) Improves oxygen supply to cells
45) Improves concentration
46) Helps with self-control
47) Less fatigue
48) Increases sex drive
49) Makes life more exciting
50) Improves Quality of life

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Hello! Recently my friend Maddi contacted me about what she could do about eating a healthier breakfast and it inspired me to make this post. All photos are taken by me. Enjoy!

Here are some ideas:

Cottage Cheese with walnuts, berries, and chia seeds.
Green smoothies with kale, spinach, pineapple, and bananas.
Whole Grain bagel with almond butter, banana, honey, dried cranberries and chia seeds
Toast with spinach, turkey, cheese.
Egg sandwich with avocado, tomato, cheese, turkey bacon.
Whole grain waffles with pomegranate, blueberries, honey.
Oatmeal with peanut butter, cashews, bananas, and chia seeds.

To sum it up:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Protein is key! It will keep you going through the day. Stay away from artificial sugar. If you’re watching your fat intake drop the cheese. Your breakfast should have fruit, veggies, protein, and carbs. Stay away from sugary drinks and start your morning with iced lemon water and coffee. Replace your coffee creamer with soy milk.



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